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Shopping for a surface drive or longtail mud motor? Want to know which are the top mud motor brands?  Well, you’ve come to the right place! was created to help consumers compare the most popular mud motor brands by providing convenient links to their websites, and ranking them based upon the amount of web traffic each one gets.   They all claim they have the best mud motor, and there is no shortage of “paid for” writers willing to offer their opinion along with subjective rankings and affiliate links which give them a percentage.

We don’t offer opinions or affiliate links here.   Just cold hard numbers that cut through the marketing hype to tell the real story, and help you choose the best mud motor brand.  Also, please check out our advertisers, because they make this website possible.

The following mud motor brands are ranked in order of popularity.  What does this mean?

Last Updated on Friday, December 2, 2022 at 09:55:15 AM
RankBrandAmazon Alexa Web Traffic Ranking
2,022,276 (Global)
2Swamp Runner
2,881,279 (Global)
3Mud Buddy
4,055,006 (Global)
4,056,570 (Global)
5Gator Tail
4,855,170 (Global)
5,774,609 (Global)
7River Run Marine
8,069,957 (Global)

Unranked Mud Motor Sites

The following mud motor brands (in alphabetical order) didn’t receive enough website visitors today to be ranked by Alexa.

Boss Drives
Copperhead Mfg
Go Devil
JB Mud Motors
Mangrove Mud Motors
Mayhem Mud Motors
Mudd Hog
Mudwalker Mud Motors
PPF Motors
Scavenger Backwater
Stump Jumper
Swamp Ratt Mud Motors
Utah Marsh Motors

Comparative Websites

All stats shown on is updated daily from Alexa, one of the top web analytics companies.  Alexa, which is owned by Amazon, uses powerful algorithms to rank the world’s websites, based upon each site’s visitor traffic (number of visitors each day).   The following well known websites are listed to provide a broader view of how Alexa rankings work, and how the websites of mud motor brands compare.

RankBrandAmazon Alexa Web Traffic Ranking
1 (US)
22,113 (US)
3Ducks Unlimited
46,301 (US)
4Duck Commander
2,177,588 (Global)
5Mud Motor Talk
4,903,171 (Global)