How It Works

All stats shown on is updated daily from Alexa, one of the top web analytics companies.  Alexa, which is owned by Amazon, uses powerful algorithms to rank the world’s websites, based upon each site’s visitor traffic (number of visitors each day).  

For example, generally gets more international & US visitors than any other website on the internet, so it is consistently ranked #1 in both Alexa’s worldwide & US rankings.  Yahoo is generally ranked in the top 10, while Ebay is usually somewhere in the top 50.  Among all websites, recently ranked 181,820th most popular website in the USA, and 745,640th most popular website worldwide.

Each day updates both the worldwide & US Alexa rankings for mud motor websites.  

Since is primarily for mud motor shoppers located in the United States, websites with Alexa data for both US & Global traffic will display their US traffic rank.  Websites with Alex data only for Global traffic will display their global traffic rank.  The rankings can change daily.

We only list the websites of mud motor manufacturers, and do not list the websites of their dealers.  If you don’t see a website listed, it’s generally because  they are a dealer.    If you know of a manufacturer that is not listed, please send us a link to their website, and we’ll consider adding them.

If a mud motor brand does not generate enough visitor traffic to their website for Alexa to rank them in either the worldwide or US categories,  it will not make the list for that day.

Mud motor owners are just as opinionated as Ford & Chevy owners.  We welcome feedback.  If we receive enough feedback (both positive & negative), we might even post the best on a Feedback page for all to see, so keep it civil.  If your favorite mud motor brand does not rank very high, don’t send us hate mail.  Chances are we won’t respond, but if it’s really good, we might post your whining rant for all to see (all correspondence sent to Top Mud Motors becomes our property, see Privacy Policy).

If you are a mud motor manufacturer, and you think your brand should rank higher, you’ll just have to work harder to compete for a higher ranking.  The mud motor market is competitive and Alexa stats are cold hard reality.  If you have an issue with the data from Alexa, take it up with them. has no affiliation with Alexa or Amazon, nor control over their data.  We make no claim or guarantee concerning the accuracy of Alexa’s data.